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MarriageToGo = Simple and Fast Legal Marriage!

Elizabeth Oakes is a California notary authorized to issue California confidential marriage licenses, and she can solemnize your marriage (that is, perform your wedding ceremony) at the same time. Our Wedding Bundle with marriage license and ceremony is everything you need for a complete legal marriage!

We welcome couples of all faiths (or lack thereof) for elopements and intimate ceremonies; for ceremonies with more than 20 guests, please see our sister website Golden Oak Weddings--Naturally Beautiful Wedding Ceremonies.

Allies! We are also marriage equality and LGBT allies. If you're a same-sex couple thinking about marrying but don't know where to start, we've created this helpful primer just for you.


  • You must already be living together.
  • Your ceremony must take place in California. You need not be a resident to qualify.
  • You must be over 18 and have a valid, unexpired government-issued ID like a drivers license or passport.
  • You must present proof of any dissolution of marriage/SRDP that became final within the last two years, and proof of legal name changes at any time. You may also be required to present other documents (like a birth or naturalization certificate) to verify your information.

Check out our Rates Page to see if our service is within your means. We provide excellent service and have tons of experience to offer--as well as five-star reviews and references--and our fees are set accordingly. We offer courtesy discounts to active military, firefighters, law enforcement personnel, and hospice patients.

If you don't currently cohabit you don't qualify for a confidential license, but you can obtain a public license from any CA County Clerk's office. Notaries cannot issue public licenses. You'll still need valid ID and proof of divorce/name changes. Both confidential and public licenses can be purchased or solemnized anywhere in California.

We're happy to solemnize your public license and create a custom wedding ceremony to your specifications. Please see our Ceremony Types page to read more about your options.

Confidential marriage licenses are awesome because:

  • They can be privately issued at your chosen location at any time--nights, weekends, and holidays.
  • No witnesses are required, so you can have a ceremony with just the two of you and the officiant.
  • There are no waiting periods and you don't have to be a resident of California, so they're perfect for destination weddings and elopements.
  • Confidential marriage licenses aren't just for elopements--you can use one for your big fat community wedding too, and save yourselves a trip to the County Clerk's office.

How Do I Get Started with MarriageToGo?

Call us at 310.288.6658 or click here to email us.

  • Please specify the date, time, and location for your ceremony and how many guests you expect to attend.
  • Also: tell us if you need confidential marriage licensing--make sure you meet the requirements above first--or if you already have your marriage license and need wedding officiation services only.

We'll get back to you with availability and a rate quote right away!

What Next?

Once you approve your rate quote and we finalize your date/time/location, we'll send you a contract via email, fax, or snail mail--whatever's easiest for you. A $300 non-refundable non-transferable retainer is required to reserve your date and time; for short-notice, same-day, or holiday weddings, a 50%-100% retainer may be required.

We accept credit cards or direct deposit securely online via PayPal.Com or Google Wallet to expedite the booking and confirmation process.

That's it! Once you've approved your contract terms and submitted the retainer fee, your date and time are locked in. Then we begin the process of creating just the right wedding experience for you!

What If We Don't Want A Big Wedding???

Our Home Office is currently closed until 2020 for remodeling. However, if you qualify for confidential marriage licensing, you can marry at your home or office (or anywhere else!) without witnesses (though you can bring a guest or two as wing-persons).

What If We're From Out Of Town But Want To Meet You Before We Marry In California?

Want to meet face-to-face before you arrive in town? We're happy to videochat with you via Skype or Facetime before you decide.

How Much Does MarriageToGo Cost?

Want to get a basic idea of our rates? Click here to view our Rates page. We're not cheap, but we provide excellent value with our proven reliability, experience, and attention to detail. Check out our Yelp ratings to see what our clients have to say.

Do You Have Any Great Wedding Vendor Referrals?

Looking for wonderful and caring coordinators, photographers, caterers, musicians, locations, or green wedding providers? Check out our Wedding Planning Links and our Facebook page to find recommended vendors.

What About Phone And Proxy Marriages?

California had laws that allowed for wartime proxy marriages, but these provisions are no longer active. Please do not confuse proxy marriage--a court-ordered process--with phone marriage. Phone marriages are strictly illegal everywhere! Please check out our Wedding Fraud Alerts page for more information or to report wedding fraud.

Contact Us!

If you have questions about our services, drop us a line! We're happy to answer all your questions by phone, email, videochat, or in-person meeting before you choose your notary/officiant--no obligation, of course.

Please call 310.288.6658 or email anytime if you want to know more or inquire about a wedding date. We look forward to hearing from you.

Hope to be of service to you soon!