safe elopements

Safe elopements


2020 was supposed to be a bumper year for weddings in L.A., but the pandemic derailed all that. The blueprint for getting married has been redrawn, so we're making it easy to navigate this new territory.

With MarriageToGo Safe Elopements, you can marry simply, legally, and safely, locking in those important marriage rights and promises without health worries or fear. You might even enjoy yourselves.

MarriageTo Go is currently offering two types of straightforward, socially-distanced "Safe Elopement" services in compliance with current L.A. County Department of Public Health requirements for marrying safely:

OPTION 1: Confidential marriage licensing and civil ceremony at our private outdoor location on L.A.'s Westside.

If you qualify for California confidential marriage licensing, I can issue your marriage license and perform a customizable civil ceremony to complete your legal marriage without witnesses--only you two and the officiant (that's me) need be present. It's very easy and quick! Here's how it works.

For licensing and/or ceremony at my location, all proceedings will take place exclusively outdoors, weather permitting, to reduce risk of viral transmission. PPEs are required for the actions (like document signing) that require proximity--bring your own, or we can provide them upon request.

Once your documents are signed, you can doff your mask for your "socially distanced" ceremony in our small garden. However, "distance" needn't mean "isolated"; we can help you stream, record, or videoconference your ceremony for virtual guests, and are happy to take a few photos for you afterwards.

In keeping with L.A. County's Department of Public Health requirements for weddings taking place in L.A. County, no witnesses or photographers are permitted.

However, fair warning: wedding crashers have been known fly in. That's normal around here, though; our little garden is an urban butterfly habitat, so it's not unusual for monarchs, swallowtails, or hummingbirds to buzz through the proceedings. Wedding folklore holds that these enchanting creatures carry your wishes and dreams to the heavens on their wings, so we hope you will appreciate their color, life force, and hospitality (it is their habitat, after all). We think you'll enjoy taking a little nature bath while saying, "I do."

If you think a Safe Elopement means you'll be missing out on your celebration or photos, don't worry; for years a large percentage of couples have opted for small civil weddings in advance of a larger community ceremony or reception. It often makes good sense--especially these days--to expedite the legal part of getting married and have a celebration later. Our Westside location is close to beaches, parks, and restaurants, so you can easily meet up to celebrate and/or take a few photos after your Safe Elopement is complete and your marriage is official!

If this sounds right for you, please email me for details and availability.

Playwright Richard Brinsley Sheridan wrote, "Won't you come into the garden? I would like my roses to see you." Like Sheridan, we invite you to revel in the pleasures of our little garden with a small, safe, and special elopement ceremony with just the roses and the butterflies in attendance. Love, like nature, creates its own beauty. You bring the love; we'll bring the nature (you might want to bring sensible shoes too, though).

OPTION 2: Drive-by solemnization at your location.

The simplest and most affordable option for those who want basic solemnization/signatures only. "Drive-by solemnization" is simply that: we wear PPEs for document signing, and we pass IDs and documents via clipboard to minimize contact. Once you give your consent to be married from a safe distance, I can sign your license to finalize your legal marriage. Yeah, it's odd, but it's safe and official (and so L.A.!) To keep the process as safe as possible and as required by the L.A. County Department of Public Health, no witnesses or photographers are permitted.

We realize the Safe Elopement isn't for everyone, but if you'd like to know more or want to inquire about availability, please email me for details. I'm also happy to talk you through the process and answer any questions you may have before you make a decision. Your health, happiness, and comfort are my highest priority.

We wish you safe and well, and the roses and I hope to see you soon!