safe elopements

Safe elopements


2020 was supposed to be a bumper year for weddings but coronavirus derailed all that. Many weddings rescheduled for 2021 have also been canceled or postponed. For those who urgently need legal marriage for medical or legal reasons, the process for getting a marriage license and civil ceremony through the County Clerk's office has been frustrating and slow.

Pandemic weddings are uncharted territory for us all. At MarriageToGo, we're doing what we can to make it easier for those who need to be legally married NOW.

With MarriageToGo Safe Elopements, you can marry simply, legally, and safely, locking in those important marriage rights without pandemic worries. Your health and happiness are of paramount importance to us, and that's why we created this unique service.

The "Safe Elopement" marriage license + ceremony bundle includes confidential marriage licensing and a civil solemnization for a complete legal marriage, all under strict infection-control protocol--outdoors, masked, distanced, no guests or photographers.

Only you two and the officiant (that's me) need be present. It's easy, quick, and reduces coronavirus exposure risk. Here's how it works and the rates.

You must meet the requirements for California confidential marriage licensing to qualify for service. All proceedings take place exclusively outdoors to reduce risk of viral transmission. Location restrictions apply. Masks are required during the actions (like document signing) that require proximity, and we will provide hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes for your use.

In keeping with best practices for infection control, no witnesses or photographers are permitted. Additional restrictions apply; please contact us for details.

Once your documents are signed, you can choose a quick consent-only solemnization or a simple civil ceremony to complete your legal marriage. We can help you stream, record, or videoconference your ceremony for virtual guests, and are happy to take a few photos for you afterwards.

If you think a Safe Elopement means you'll be missing out on your celebration or photos, don't worry. It's been the norm for many years to have a small civil marriage in advance of a larger community ceremony or photo shoot at a later time. It often makes good sense--especially these days--to expedite the legal part of getting married and have your gathering or photography session later.

If a Safe Elopement sounds right for you, please email me for details and availability.

We realize that Safe Elopements aren't for everyone, and additional terms and conditions apply. If you'd like to know more or want to inquire about availability, please email me for details. I'm happy to talk you through the process and answer any questions you may have before you make a decision. Your health, happiness, and comfort are my highest priority.

We wish you safe and well, and hope to see you from a safe distance soon!