short-notice nuptials

what you need to know for fast-turnaround services

signing the marriage contract * photo by Ryan Phillips Photography

Short-notice ceremonies are not usually ideal but sometimes necessary. When a couple needs immediate legal protection due to illness, insurance, taxes, immigration, etc. we work hard to make it happen fast.

However, short-notice ceremonies are burdensome and disruptive for providers, so we charge up to an additional 100% surcharge depending on the particular circumstances. Short-notice fees must be paid in full upon booking to confirm your appointment, and those fees are completely nonrefundable/nontransferable.

Some couples decide to get married on a whim without understanding that marriage is a legal process that entails more than just dressing up and walking down an aisle. Getting legally married is not like in the movies, where all you do is show up and say "I do." A lot of legal information has to change hands first, including documents proving your identity and eligibility to marry.

We marriage providers have a high duty of care. We are legally responsible for making sure your documents are prepared accurately and we must to work closely with you to make that happen. We cannot assist you with a short-notice marriage if you will not be available by phone or email, or are unable to immediately provide documents and proof of identity.

Short-notice marriage license issuance requires intensive preparation and incurs up-front document fees and labor. We require payment in full upon booking for most short-notice services, and all fees are nonrefundable. Don't book until you're certain you have everything that's needed.

We endeavor to make the process as easy as possible. We must ask you in return to provide your information and payment quickly, preferably within two to four hours of our initial contact.

If you've already obtained your marriage license from the County Clerk's office, last-minute officiation services are easy to arrange and prepare for. Often just a single phone call or email will suffice.

Please review these guidelines before contacting us for short-notice marriage licensing or Wedding Bundle services:

  • Please do not book wedding services before you have obtained your final divorce decree. We will not calendar your wedding until your divorce orders are final, signed by a judge, and in your hand. For short-notice events you must be prepared to scan or fax your paperwork immediately along with your ID and completed marriage license application.
  • Complete any other needed legal procedures (like pre-nups) before you make arrangements with us. We are not liable for delays or cancellations that occur because you or your attorneys did not complete pre-marriage procedures in a timely way. Consult with your attorney before you make your appointment and verify your wedding date will be in keeping with your legal goals. Your fees will not be refunded if you choose to cancel.

  • Your fee must be paid in full via PayPal upon booking to reserve short-notice services. ALL FEES ARE NONREFUNDABLE. Your fees will be forfeit if you cancel a short-notice booking. If you want to cancel and rebook for later date, understand that it's not possible to change dates or other information on the marriage documents. New paperwork has to be issued, and a new payment in full is required as each appointment requires a separate time commitment and a new set of documents.

  • You agree to submit your non-refundable retainer payment, marriage license application, any divorce or name-change documentation, and copies of your IDs in a timely manner--within two to four hours after you receive your service agreement for same-day or next-day service, unless otherwise agreed. This allows us adequate time to review your documents to be sure they are valid, and to prepare your marriage license paperwork in a responsible way.

  • Once your paperwork is prepared (usually the same day you book your appointment) it cannot be changed or corrected. Proofread until your application is perfect.

If you are unable to commit to a ceremony date and time in good faith, there are other providers in California who will accept walk-in wedding appointments....and there's always Vegas.

Thanks for your understanding, and hope to be of service to you soon (maybe really, really soon!)