Tuesdays Together

new friends from our local wedding collective

Cell Phone Cake Topper
Wedding Connections * photo by Elizbaeth Oakes

MarriageToGo Supports "Community Over Competition"

Social media has transformed everything about weddings. Not only are couples able to quickly and easily connect with vendors, but vendors are forming communities to educate, encourage, and support each other.

Chief among these is The Rising Tide Society, founded in 2015, whose vision of "community over competition" has struck a chord with creatives all over the country. Through their "Tuesdays Together" monthly meet-ups, local wedding folk can get together and exchange ideas and stories for the betterment of all.

In this spirit of community over competition, I've provided this list of some of the new friends I've met through Tuesdays Together. Unlike my "favorite vendors" page, I've interacted via social media and/or IRL with the people below, but haven't yet worked with them directly. They're here because they have somehow impressed me; some are newbies who are eager and energetic, others are longtime pros seeking new avenues for their work. Maybe you'll find some new friends too!

Fandom Affairs

If high geekery is your lifestyle, beam your wedding needs to Debbie and Vivian of Fandom Affairs. They'll get out their sonic screwdrivers, tricorders, magic wands, and whatever else it takes to geek-chic your event into hyperspace.

Amy Haberland Photography

Amy's got a successful wedding photo biz in Boston and wide-ranging experience in art photography, journalism, movie industry, archival...you name it. She's calm and droll and highly experienced. You'll like her!

Black Tie Kids

Black Tie Kids keeps the littles busy while you're having grown-up fun at your wedding! They offer tons of activities to keep the kidlets happy, are first-aid and CPR certified, and can keep an eye on special-needs kids too.

Karl Stelter Wedding Films

Karl does videography; his wife Rachel does photography. His films are truly cinematic, beautifully shot, documenting the day through the lens of your personal narrative. In short, they look great, will make you tear up for years. Starting rate for 2016 is $3500.

Jessica Carrillo, Art and Soul Events

Jessica's the leader of our local Tuesdays Together group and has just made the big entrepreneurial leap from part-time to full-time wedding planner (and mom). Her weddings are quirky, hip, and modern, often with rockabilly, rustic, or vintage style.

Chuppah Studio by Andrea Cohen

Andrea's an established sculptural artist on both coasts (her work's been in the Guggenheim) and her chuppahs are marvels of design and execution. Using laser-cutting techniques to create exquisite patterns, her chuppahs are a supremely modern way to upstyle a time-honored tradition.

Happily Ever Etched

Need laser-cut or etched gifts for spouse, family, or bridal party? Personalized decor elements for your wedding? Happily Ever Etched can do that! Shop at their storefront in Buena Park or online via Etsy.