vow renewals

Casting roses into the water
Casting roses into the water

Vow Renewals

Vow renewals are an opportunity to deepen your commitment in a simple, ritualized way. Couples often choose to do vow renewals on a special anniversary, when moving to a new home, after a life crisis, or if they didn't have the chance during their legal wedding to say all the things they wanted to say.

Vow renewals give you a chance to show your love without pressure, and to affirm all the good things in your life heart-to-heart. You can repeat your old vows (if you remember them), offer new ones, or opt for both.

With a little extra planning, you can surprise your partner with a vow renewal as part of a romantic outing or vacation. Renewals run the gamut from extra-simple--just standing together restating a vow--to full-on staged events like you see in the movies.

Most couples choose to add a few flourishes--a custom cake after a nice dinner, some flowers, a musician, champagne. Whatever you choose, we're here to help guide you in creating a wonderful and meaningful experience that will leave you feeling fulfilled and better connected.

If you're looking for a luxury vow renewal, ask us for a referral to ceremony planner who can help you realize your vision. We can also recommend individual vendors if you need just one or two services.

Questions? Ideas? Contact us! We wish you a wonderful life together full of meaningful moments.