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Makela Tango The prospect of square-stepping through your first dance not exciting enough for you? Why not learn to tango? Makela Brizuela not only teaches private tango lessons for wedding preparation, but you can also attend her weekly classes in the Argentinian art of spicy dancing as you go through the years. If you're not the dancing type, you can eat your empanadas and watch Makela and her partner perform for you instead. Classes and performances at the Electric Lodge in Venice; call Makela Tango for more info at 310.740.2007.
L.A. Dance Experience My husband and I really liked the instruction at L.A. Dance Experience; they're less intimidating than many studios, friendly and fun. Their large, well-kept studio in Westwood is home to many world-class ballroom instructors, and you'll find every kind of person on the dance floor there--left-footed lunks learning a wedding waltz to international ballrooom champions brushing up for their next competition. They have private lessons for wedding dances and the introductory group classes will get you up to speed in just a few weeks. Check out the schedule on their website--which is not so stylish, but at least their footwork work is. 310.475.1878.
John Cassese, The Dance Doctor The Doctor Is In! You've seen him through his studio window on Santa Monica's Fourth Street, so now let him teach you how to dance like a pro. Not only can he choreograph your first dance as husband and wife, but he can teach your guests a little salsa, tango, or waltz so they can dance along! Private lessons, group lessons, performance dancing for your event. 310.459.2264
Step In Time Productions D.J. and dance lessons for your wedding celebration and booking assistance for clowns, dancers, and magicians for any special event! Call Avner Uzan at 310.55.DANCE and let him teach you to dance like you mean it.
Kathy McHugh Kathy is a terrific dancer who can teach you the ballroom moves you need to impress everyone at your wedding reception. And you haven't seen swing until you've seen Kathy go, daddio! 818.789.9537 and tell her MTG sent you.

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