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Legendary Bingo When Bingo Hostess Belle Aire informed the mother of one bride that she'd be playing bingo with a drag queen, the bride's mom asked where the drag queen was! Yep, Belle Aire is that good, and she and BingoBoy Jeffery Bowman will provide tons of grown-up bingo fun for your shower, bachelor/ette party, or rehearsal dinner. Call 626.798.7076 for availability and reservations.
The Animal Guys If you want a REAL party animal to show up at your reception, cancel the invite to Cousin Lou and call in The Animal Guys with their collection of exotic creatures from around the world. Invite an alligator, fennec fox, sloth, python, porcupine, monkey, tortoise, or any one of many other delightful creatures to your next event and enthrall your guests. The Guys' trained presenters/handlers provide lots of information and entertainment, and ensure that no one runs wild-except Cousin Lou, but you knew that. 310.392.5909 or 626.791.0471 to speak with the homo sapiens in charge.
Dancing Rahana Rahana is a beautiful, skilled bellydancer whose subtle style will captivate. She performs solo or can bring along her Troupe Bahiya to get your celebration shimmying! You can see her perform locally (check website for schedule); she also teaches and sells a wide array of bellydance gear and music on her website. Shop online if you want to be a bride that jingle-jangle-jingles! Call 310.612.7622 or email her at dancingrahana@aol.com.
Map Of The Hand-Meredyth Hunt, Certified Hand Analyst I'm not a superstitious sort, but I think just about everyone likes to hear a little intuitive analysis of who they are and where they're going. Meredyth Hunt will show you that the ol' peer-into-your-hand-and-gasp school of palmreading is so Last Century Melodrama! Her demeanor is pleasant and far from foreboding or cheesy; I found her insights and explanations compelling and thought-provoking. She does hand analysis for couples, groups, and she teaches too; a wonderful addition to your bridal shower or wedding reception, or a unique gift for you and your sweetie. Zigee, the Good Gypsy (currently no website or email address available.) Jillian Gotlib's alter-ego will delight you with magic, favorable fortunes, and flamenco guitar. We've seen her at The Magic Castle and she's great! However, though mind-reading is part of her act, you'll need to contact her the material way by calling 310.471.6337. An MTG Recommendation!
Wendy Kashefi, Tarot/Reiki/Chakra Readings Wendy hails from England and has been professinally reading and teaching tarot for over 15 years; she is very insightful and sweet, and may help you find the answers you've been looking for. Please call her at 818.313.9643 to book her for your private event.

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