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Kathy DeNinno, Kathy DeNinno Photography "Oooooo preeettyyyy!" That's what I said the first time I saw Kathy DeNinno's work, and I have the same reaction every time I see her glorious photos. I've worked with Kathy a few times now and she's one of my favorites: smart, sweet, with an intrepid eye and lush sense of color, style, and emotion. I think you'll love her and her work in equal measure, like I do. Email her at kathydeninno at gmail dot com or call 714.642.6910. Tell her I sent you.
Jenny Smith, Jenny Smith and Co. Jenny is an amazing photographer who has both a skilled eye and an educated heart. She not only captures vivd and stunning images but has eschewed the "stingy-imager" Wedding Photographer® trend so rife in the wedding industry--she is one of the few shooters to offer her hi-res images with an open license, allowing wedding participants like me to share and enjoy her images too. If you're outside the wedding biz this might seem like an odd thing to note, but for those of us who see behind the wedding curtain, it's unusual and wonderful. It indicates that Jenny is a smart, independent thinker with a generous vision for her clients and the future--and that rocks. Plus: awesome photos! Contact via email: jenny at jennysmithandco dot com; by appointment only.
Ryan Phillips Photography I love Ryan's work–the images are crisp, dazzling, and stylish. It's photojournalism with a dash of romantic album cover/magazine fashion shoot, as you'll see when you check out his website. From experience, I can say he's a respectful shooter; his shots are candid and exciting, and he's one of the few lensers I know who is equally adept in color and black-and-white. His wedding and commercial work take him around the world, so book soon. 805.368.4141.
Steven Lam Photography Steven started out in commercial and celebrity photography, and his images retain that modern, powerful, cinematic oomph. He loves destination weddings but keeps mighty busy here in town, too. He and his wife Carmen work together to document your wedding in detail; they're a great pair to to have around and are game for anything--avid cyclists, venturesome eaters, and dance music fans--bringing an enthusiastic, artistic, and modern note to your photos. Email and call 323.388.3078 for availability.

John & Colette Photography and Beauty This husband/wife team are sweetness and light to work with, and their photographic style reflects their love of fine art and natural illumination. They also do what it takes to get the shot--on a rainy beach wedding day, Colette juggled camera and umbrella so the lens would stay clean. Colette provides makeup services so you'll have the perfect photo-ready look. Contact them via their website contact page.

Anna Lee Media Anna captures smart, sparkling, witty images no matter the setting, and works in a non-intrusive way so the natural feelings and impulses of the day shine through. I admire her ability to capture the mood of each couple and create a specific "look" for their wedding based on their personalities. You can see her wedding gallery and inquire via her website, and browse additional photos on Facebook and Instagram.

Henry Chen Photography "Photojournalistic Wedding Storyteller" is Henry's byline, and he and his crew do a great job of just that. He has many looks to offer in keeping with your personal style, and you'll get warm and beautiful portraits no matter what the setting. Henry shot my "Guitar Hero" wedding and got fun, evocative action pix under difficult circumstances, so don't hesitate to take him to your wedding on Mt. Everest or on the Kenyan veldt (he offers services worldwide.) Call 424.274.1041, email him, and check out his online journal to view some of his recent favorite pix.
Jason Mark Photography Event photographer and digital artist Jason Mark understands that weddings are personal and creative ventures where some of the best stuff happens spontaneously, so he brings a quick and responsive photojournalistic style to your day. He's a respectful shooter (important if you're going for an intimate-feeling wedding) and edits well; his images are strikingly simple and strong. Check the blog here and it's 213.985.2561 or for avail.
Christopher@Christopher Todd Studios (formerly Imagery Immaculate) I can't say enough great things about Chris and his work, but here's a sampler: a smart, respectful shooter with a gracious attitude, beautiful photojournalistic style, excellent response time, stellar client list, and rapid access to your event day photos online (with music, even.) Need I say more? Check out the online photo gallery and FAQ, call 800.501.2063 or email–tell him hi from me.
Anne Ruthman Photography Anne shoots all over the country and the world–yeah, she's that good, and has a couple awards to prove it. She's passionate about green living as well as obtaining honest and unscripted images from your wedding day–she's not going to interrupt the action to force a shot, but will be there when your lovely moments are happening to document them in her inimitable way. If you want to get a sense of who Anne is (and you do) check out her blog and then call her at 888.678.ANNE for availability.
Chris Diset Photography Chris's images are uniquely magical, organic, and everyone seems illumined with an inner light of love–that's a pretty good look for a wedding day, dontcha think? Check out the website; call 949.939.8417.
Charlotte Lee Photography You'll like Charlotte; her work is simple and precise and mystically good. Check out her gallery online and give her a call at 310.210.4341.
Edna Eudave, Square Eye Photography Orange County-based Square Eye not only brings a hip and passionate look to your wedding day shots, but offers great album design to enhance your images in book form. Edna also does portraiture, engagement shoots, and intimate photo sessions for ladies that are spicy and modern–none of that old-fashioned lingerie-catalog stuff. 714.420.8285 or
Scott William Lightner, Contemporary Wedding Photography The "light" in Scott's surname is apt; he has a way with light and color that will amaze you. He's shot weddings all over the world and creates novel and striking images of great beauty. If you want art-quality photos of your wedding, Scott's your man. Check out his online gallery and services--310.980.8888 or for availability.
Paul Sanders, PhotoBiographer Paul's based in Washington State but comes down to L.A. frequently to shoot weddings, and boy are we glad! He's an unobtrusive shooter who will gather the very best moments of your celebration in an intimate and beautifully artistic way; his many years as a photojournalist show his discerning and loving appreciation for light, composition, and the intricacies of human interaction. You can call him toll-free at 206.780.5152 or email
Kim Fox Photography Kim's got a fun, bright, photojournalistic style; she gets especially kicky shots of kids. You'll love her engagement and pregnancy photos, too. Check out her photo blog--she's probably shot at your L.A. location before--and call 323.851.7257.
Juan Gonzalez, Dreamcatcher Photography Juan does a great job shooting your wedding day in a traditional style; he's fun to work with and offers a variety of package deals including DVDs, prints, and albums. Videography also available. Visit the Dreamcatcher website for more, but a heads-up if you're in a hurry: the navigation interface on their Flash-driven website takes a little longer to view. 310.325.2437.
Bev & Glenn Currie Photographers This husband-and-wife team not only shoot beautiful ceremony photos, they are an inspiration to all couples who might end up in business together. You'll love working with them and they'll get wonderful, creative shots you didn't expect. 877.454.2012 or
Maria McCarthy: Artistic Elegance with a Woman's Touch Maria's byline sums it all up! Her intuition and resourcefulness bring out the best, even with subjects who are difficult to shoot. I've personally seen her excellent direction, and with her skilled eye you'll get photos to cherish. Email her here or call 818.597.1792 for more information.
ES Photo "Yummy" is a word that could be used to describe Ellice's lush and dynamic photos. "Intimate", "elegant", "awesome", and "Vive L'Amour!" also spring to mind. You must check out her work online and/or email her here.
Carly Daniel Carly comes from a family photography business background, and she knows her stuff. You receive all your high-resolution wedding images with copyright priveleges and an online gallery, plus great service with a smile. Call 714.536.9414 or email
Belle Studios Marina Milosevic is a photographer with a heart and it shows in her work. She's known for "high-end photography at reasonable prices." He has also graciously provided a basic explainer for those just starting their photographer search. Check out her imagery on the Belle Studios website or call 310.980.7840 for a consultation.

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Jason Thomas and Ian Petrella, Star Factory Weddings Jason Thomas and Ian Petrella get it right when it comes to wedding videography: capture the day but don't let anyone know you're there. Weddings are filmed in HD 16:9 cinema quality with state-of-the art sound, then edited and mastered onto DVD (you can even do your proofing online). I was impressed by the creative narrative thread of my client's video; you can check out a brief intro to the guys on the "About Us" page of the website and see sample wedding videos before you call them at 805.587.3867. Great to work with, too.
Charles Lauren Films David Pluskat and Kelsey Klewenhagen are two truly delightful people, and they work exceedingly hard to make sure your wedding experience is captured in a way that suits your budget and your style. They offer multiple packages and products to suit your needs (how about a photo montage of "Your Love Story" to show at the reception or rehearsal dinner? They can rent you the projector, too). Watch sample films online, and call 562.544.5723 for a no-obligation consult.
Princess Bride Photography and Videography Some people say fairy tale weddings can't come true but you'll have the pictures to prove they do! Princess Bride offers a range of photography and video services including prints, album creation, and online proofs; they're based in Arcadia but will range to other fairy-tale destinations (including Las Vegas). BYOC (Bring Your Own Castle). 626.462.9419 and check out their lovely online gallery.
Videographer Beth Oslander, Bella Video Productions One look at her online demos and you'll see why Beth's work is so valuable–she'll capture you and your entire wedding experience with the skill of an experienced photographer and filmmaker. Several styles and packages are available, or "a la carte" pricing if you want to assemble a package on your own. 818.981.7166 to start rolling tape.
Videographers Joe Rosenberger and Michael Cook, Today's The Day Weddings Joe and Michael want to get to know you and your style before they start shooting your wedding; their friendly, personal service and custom video tailoring makes Today's The Day a great choice for your event, large or small. They also do photomontages with fun 3-D graphics! Call them at 818.371.5965 or check out their website demos/FAQ.
Three In One Wedding Professionals (currently no website or email address available.) Three-In-One provides photography, videography, and D.J. services for your San Gabriel Valley/East L.A. wedding. Great shots for a great price! Experienced and discreet shooters for your wedding day; also available for couples portraits in advance of your ceremony. 888.341.0216 or 909.482.2048.

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