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Brilliant Earth Conflict-Free Diamond Jewelry We've all heard about the suffering caused by diamond mining in third-world countries and it's not unusual for a bride or groom to have a tinge of guilt when buying a typical diamond ring. You can avoid being conflicted about your rings by checking out Brilliant Earth's custom conflict-free diamond rings, ethically-sourced sapphires, and recycled gold and platinum offerings. Learn more at their website or call 800.691.0952.
Claudia Endler Designs Claudia's a good friend not just because of her exquisite taste and artistry--she's a gracious and lovely human being as well (yes, it is possible to be sweet AND chic in this mean old town.) Claudia's not only got top-notch style, but she's really smart and will help you discover the best rock, metal, setting, and design for you. Want to delve into the fascinating worlds of jewelry, gemology, and fashion? Sign up for her fascinating newsletter here or email her here to set up a consultation and showing (by appointment only, dahling.) Call 800.313.9784 if you're a phone person. Note To Claudia: We'll cherish the wedding beads you made us forever. Note To The Rest Of You: get a Claudia Endler Designs piece and you'll be saying the same thing.
Raru.Com: Affordable Custom Gold Rings from deSignet International It's impossible to start listing all the design options at Raru.Com; I contemplated it whilst polishing my own Raru.Com wedding ring (they even sent a complimentary polishing cloth with my order.) I selected a gold band etched with grapevines, but it was very difficult to choose from the thousands of beautiful patterns, metals, and styles offered. They have a massive collection of intricate Celtic designs (and will customize them with your initials), theme rings, modernistic designs, military, musical, Victorian, poesy rings, estate jewelry, in-stock rings or custom-made--in other words, a vast selection with something for everyone. I can attest also that the service was courteous and prompt; go spend some time cruising their online catalog, or go visit their store near Niagara Falls (but then you might not need MarriageToGo!) 1.888.727.8266
GreenKarat.Com: Ecologically Responsible Jewelry These days it's important to seek sustainability in everything we do; even weddings have gone "green" with recycled paper invites, organic catering, and hybrid limos. But what about the most famous wedding icon, the wedding ring? Well, now you can green that too (after a manner of speaking) by buying a ring of recycled gold or other material from GreenKarat. Recycled metals reduce mining, pollution, and the carbon footprint; via GreenKarat's partnership with GreenAssay, you can learn about the ecological profile of your purchase. 800.330.4605 (US & Canada) An MTG client recommendation.
Contura Platinum Profile Ring This is the ultimate in unique rings--a ring that bears the profile of your Beloved. About four weeks after submitting a profile photo to the maker, you'll receive a grooved ring which, when viewed sideways, will bear your sweetie's visage. Cool? You bet. Available at Fitzsu Modern Gifts.
Silver Spoon Jewelry I don't often fall immediately in love with a piece of jewelry and buy it on the spot, but Jennifer Northup's designs made from Victorian flatware are enchanting and unique. You can buy some of these enduring dainties online--I bought two heart necklaces toute suite when I saw her work at the Huntington--and they make beautiful gifts for your bridal party or for yourself as part of your wedding day ensemble. Since the Victorians gave us much of our wedding floral lore, many SilverSpoon items are themed around a particular flower, so perhaps something for mom adorned with her favorite bloom, or pendant earrings that match your wedding bouquet?
Elvish Jewelry .Com Need One Ring to Bind You Both? Here's where you can find a ring of power inscribed with an Elvish love verse.
Shop Irish .Com We think these are the some of the nicest claddagh rings online, plus other unique wedding items.
GoldSpeed.Com Wedding bands and lots of other jewelry online--recommended by MTG.Com clients!

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Wedding Cookies From Signature Sweet Shoppe The best and most beautiful cookies ever! I can personally attest to how delightful and delicious these cookies are. Served up in a festive basket, these tasty little works of art will captivate everyone at your reception, shower, office or holiday party. Master Cookie Baker Jenny Arata can make custom shapes with your corporate logo or wedding photo in many tasty flavors; they make great favors and thank-you gifts for your guests. Check out their website for cookie pops, photo cookies, heart cookies, and more! 800.526.4418
ThinkGeek I marry a lot of folks in the tech and game industries, and they really aren't going to bother to take home another pewter picture frame or candle holder as a wedding favor--or anything analog. Why not get your geeky guests gifts they can grok? ThinkGeek has everything a gearhead could desire, and your Remote Control Ninja Vs. Pirate, plush stuffed microbe toys, World of Warcraft action figures, astronaut ice cream, and titanium sporks will win over their nerdy little hearts. You could also set your reception tables with the LED candles that blow on and off, as long as you don't mind those being the center of attention instead of your father/daughter dance. 1.888.GEEK.STUFF, but you should really cruise the online catalog.
BeauCoup--Favors and Ideas BeauCoup has a wide selection of favors with clever twists. Customized fortune cookies, garden seeds in a box with a silk flower on top, custom travel candles, and a wide array of placecard holders (the personalized poker chips were pretty cool, too.)
Keepsake Favors Wedding favors plus a complete selection of favor supplies, custom chocolates, mints, and almonds.
MyWeddingFavors.Com Elegant and unusual wedding and shower favors like personalized coffee or tea packets, garden seeds, golf and beach-themed favors, unique packaging, and more! Their consultants can also help you find a special favor for your seasonal or theme wedding. Excellent service, too!
Tender Seed Company Seeds are a symbol of growth and new life, and make excellent favors and gifts. Tender Seed Company will create personalized seed packets for your wedding, baby shower, or corporate or holiday event. Tender Seed offers a large selection of seeds and labels (as well as plantable seed favors.)
The Best Candle and Diane's Honey Solid Beeswax Candles Candles make great gifts for your guests and wedding party, and can enhance the look and meaning of a wedding ceremony immensely. The Best Candle sells "Trapp Private Garden" candles--long-burning, high quality waxes infused with natural aromatherapy essences--and Diane's Honey makes clean-burning, sweet-smelling solid beeswax candles in many sizes. Share the sweetness as well as the light!
Candles That Care For almost 20 years the Frontline Foundation has been feeding people year-round on Skid Row. This scrappy local organization has managed to stay alive by keeping its overhead low and relying on resolve and community donations. They always need cash, food, and volunteers to keep the program alive; now you can purchase aromatherapy "Candles that Care" as wedding favors and gifts via their website to support their work. We were gifted with some of these candles; they are well-made, attractively packaged, and the entire purchase price goes to benefit Frontline. Check out their three-foot tall candles--that's a Unity Candle you can keep for a looong time. It's best to look at the online candle catalog, then call to place your order: 818.780.1995.


Paper and More Excellent selection and prices for wedding invitations, vellum, linen and metallic papers, cardstock, labels, and more. Buy some beautiful sheet and create invites, programs, and reception cards that are uniquely yours.


Red Envelope.Com In Asian cultures, gifts are often presented in a red envelope as a symbol of honor, luck, and appreciation. RedEnvelope is the quickest and most appreciated way to send an amazing gift without having to dig up an envelope of your own; they make it easy to shop with occasion, recipient, type of gift, or "last minute" suggestions. Don't worry if you can't decide--everyone loves getting a Red Envelope gift certificate. 1.877.733.3683.
IGourmet.Com One of our couples turned us on to igourmet and their gift baskets of scrumptious chocolates, cheeses, wine, coffee, and more. We think their best offerings are the gifts that keep on giving--club subscriptions that send monthly doses of the gourmet items above or fabulous salsas, olive oils, or teas (the selection of Irish cheeses in our March St. Patrick's Day basket was superb.) Even better, you get a written description of each item's origins and suggestions for serving and wine pairing. Subscriptions come in three, six, or twelve month lengths, and don't worry--they have heart-healthy options too. Please don't lick your screen when viewing their website. 1.877.igourmet (877.446.8763)
ThinkGeek If you have a computer geek as a best man/woman, they really aren't going to get much fun out of a tieclip or beaded purse as a thank-you gift. Get 'em something geeky from ThinkGeek, where a laser star projector, Halo 3 Full-Size Plasma Weapon, waterproof gadget case, or t-shirt that detects nearby wireless networks would express your gratitude in a more personal way. 1.888.GEEK.STUFF, but you should really cruise the online catalog.
Classic Collectibles.Net Classic Collectibles carries a wide variety of memorabilia signed by your favorite sports and cinema heroes. Check out their website for unique gifts and signing events.

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