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Casting roses into the water
Casting roses into the water

Marriage and Wedding Coaching

Need guidance during your wedding planning or relationship? Personalized coaching can help!

What is marriage coaching?

Elizabeth Oakes is a certified Gottman Institute marriage coach who can help you improve your communication skills and deepen your mutual understanding before your wedding day. The coaching program begins with four two-hour private coaching sessions utilising The Gottman Institute's excellent "Successful Marriage" modules and materials. Couples must be pre-screened for eligibility.

The basic program (four sessions) is $1200 per couple plus materials fees, with additional modules available on a per-module basis.

Please be advised that marriage coaching is an educational program for couples who want to learn better relationship skills, and is not the same as marriage counseling or couples therapy under the auspices of a state-licensed MFT (marriage and family therapist) or psychiatrist.

Please contact us for more info and hope to be of service to you soon.

What is wedding coaching?

Wedding planning can be a nightmare of uncertainty and stress. There are logistics, locations, etiquette, family disharmony, vendors, money--how do you sort it all out without going crazy?

And what about the all-important but oft-neglected intangible elements--like love, connection, and caring--that make a wedding day beautiful and worthwhile? How do you lock in those good vibes without getting swamped by operational details?

Wedding coaching helps you find your golden thread and follow it through to your perfect wedding experience. We'll explore in depth the opportunities for personal and relational growth throughout your wedding planning and the wedding itself. Done right, your wedding can be an inspiration for the rest of your life; we can help you build out your unique wedding vision and keep you on track as you journey towards your best life together.

Wedding coaching is an informal, discussion-based process available online or IRL on an hourly sliding-scale basis. Please contact us for more info and hope to be of service to you soon.