custom ceremonies

Custom Elopement Ceremonies With Heart, Smarts, and Style

Not so long ago, you had no choice about the content of your wedding. It was decided by others and, if you wanted to be married, you just had to submit to it.

Now we have the freedom to decide what to include (and what to omit) in our wedding ceremonies. We can state our truth in our own way during our marriage ritual. This is not a privilege we should ever take for granted.

MarriageToGo is all about giving couples more freedom and more control, so they can bring more of who they really are to their wedding day.

We create custom elopements and inclusive intimate ceremonies that bring couples together in joyful ways. I'm here to help you find the words and rituals that will best serve your needs in whatever style you choose. I take my cues from you, and happily perform interfaith, multicultural, same-sex, non-religious, humanist, creative, and offbeat elopements for all couples who want to express themselves freely without some scowly judgy officiant putting a damper on things.

Who Writes A Custom Ceremony?

Mostly me, but also you! We work together to create the perfect elopement ceremony for the two of you, and I make it as easy on you as possible.

Unlike many other officiants, I don't take shortcuts like using AI to write wedding ceremonies. Every word in your custom elopement comes from an IRL human with an IRL heart.

I'm constantly writing new and original texts so the words feel fresh and alive, and I brainstorm with you to come up with unique personalized material inspired by your themes or stories. If you're short on time or energy and need an easy route to customization, you can choose texts from my curated ceremony archive.

You get final cut and approval on all ceremony content, so no unpleasant surprises or generic AI-generated blather.

I pay careful attention to the details that make an elopement ceremony meaningful, powerful, and aesthetically pleasing. An elopement may be small, but it's just as important as any other wedding. I strive to give each ceremony the personal attention it deserves.

Safer Elopements

Though the worldwide pandemic emergency has been declared over, COVID and other infectious diseases are still with us and many preventable deaths still occur due to group transmission. Until further notice, we are only providing our custom officiation as part of our "Safer Elopement" services, which take place at private outdoor locations without guests, and at a safe distance. This is to preserve our health and safety as well as yours, and to help you have a safer and more private experience getting married.

No matter who you are, you deserve an elopement ceremony that's thoughtful and memorable...enjoyable too! Please contact me if you'd like to know more, our rates are here, and wishing you a wonderful wedding.