custom ceremonies

Custom Wedding Ceremonies With Heart, Smarts, and Style

At one time you had no choice about the content of your wedding. Now, we have the freedom to state our own truth as part of the marriage ritual. Yay!

MarriageToGo is about unique elopements and inclusive intimate ceremonies that bring families and communities together in a joyful way. I'm here to help you find the words and rituals that will best serve your needs, whether in a classic or modern style. I take my cues from you, and happily perform interfaith, multicultural, same-sex, non-religious, humanist, creative, and offbeat weddings.

Who Writes Your Weddings?

Mostly me, but maybe you too! We work together to create the perfect wedding for you, and it's easy! I'm constantly writing new and original wedding stuffs so your ceremony feels fresh and alive. I brainstorm with you to come up with unique content based on your chosen themes or stories. I also maintain a large archive for you to choose from if you're short of time and energy. I pay careful attention to the details that make a wedding ceremony accessible, powerful, and aesthetically pleasing.

No matter who you are, you deserve a wedding ceremony that's thoughtful and memorable...and enjoyable for you too. Please <a href=""><strong>contact me</strong></a> if you'd like more information.