elope anywhere

oh, the places you'll go!


If you qualify for a California confidential marriage license, you can get married with just your partner and officiant present--no witness needed!

Elope on a beach, in a garden, at your home, your favorite restaurant or hiking trail...we provide mobile elopement services at any location you choose! We bring the marriage license to you for signatures and perform your ceremony wherever you like. That's why it's called "Marriage To Go"! You'll be legally married in no time at all.*

How much fun is that? It's easy too--with just a few emails we'll be ready to roll. You can choose a wedding text from our curated archive, or customize for a unique and personal wedding ceremony.

What Do I Need to Elope In California?

To qualify for confidential marriage licensing, you must be cohabiting, have a valid unexpired government-issued ID, and proof of any divorces, annulmnets, or name changes. If you don't live together, you can obtain a public license from any California County Clerk's office and we'll gladly meet up to conduct your ceremony. A public license requires one witness.

Contact us if you have questions or you'd like to book your California elopement wedding. We're based in Santa Monica but we'll bring the MarriageMobile anywhere you'd like to say "I do."

*the hosts of KROQ's Kevin and Bean Show remarked that they "couldn't believe you can get married in this town faster than you can get cable!" That's not quite how we would have put it, but....yeah. Even better, you can now get married anywhere in California with a confidential marriage license--even in places where you can't get cable.