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Casting roses into the water
Casting roses into the water

Officiant Coaching for Friends, Family Members, and Wedding Professionals

Are you having a friend or family member officiate your ceremony, or are you just starting (or want to level up) your career as a wedding officiant?

Getting married by a friend or family member--someone who knows you and loves you--is the best thing ever (I say this as a professional officiant who had a friend conduct our wedding ceremony).

That said, it's often true that the people we love aren't professional public speakers, and they probably aren't well-versed in what it takes to create and conduct a graceful, impactful wedding ceremony. Though officiating looks easy--it's just dressing nicely and reading from a script, right?--there's a lot to know and many skills to master to really knock it out of the park.

If you've chosen a friend or family member to officiate who has experience with weddings or public speaking, great! You're set.

However, if your friend-ficiant is a wedding first-timer, or not someone who speaks to groups of people every day, there's a risk their discomfort and lack of know-how could negatively impact your wedding experience (and they probably won't have a good time either).

It doesn't have to be that way! Do your friend a favor and sign them up for some officiant coaching so they can do a great job and enjoy themselves, too.

We can help your newbie officiant get up to speed on effective speaking techniques, etiquette and comportment, how to rehearse for max effect, and how to manage that adrenaline surge when the ceremony's about to start. We work with mindset as well as physicality, review the officiant's legal responsibilities (something almost half of newbies mess up, according to the folks at the Clerk's office), and even offer a debriefing session once the wedding's over.

We can help with ceremony scripting and editing, too--whatever it takes to make your friend or family officiant shine.

If you're just starting out as a professional officiant or stalled in your current officiant career, we offer individualized officiant coaching, consultation, and mentoring on an hourly or series basis. We listen to your interests, concerns, and goals, and create custom sessions to address your specific needs. We offer you tons of insider info and techniques to help you level up your game, including wedding staging and performance, how to work with clients to earn rave reviews, and business + marketing tips.

Individual and package sessions are available; you can get an idea of rates here. Feel free to contact us for a free initial explainer and more information, and hope to be working with you soon!