wedding officiation

photo by Elizabeth Oakes

Is a Wedding Ceremony a Legal Requirement?

To be legally married you need two things: a marriage license and solemnization (the fancy word for giving your consent to marriage, which customarily-but-not-always happens during a wedding ceremony).

Your solemnization can be big or small, with or without all the wedding furbelows, but at a minimum you must give your consent before a qualified officiant to be legally married.

Elizabeth Oakes is a qualified officiant who has conducted thousands of weddings during her 25+ year career. Her goal: to serve your needs, whether you prefer a fully custom Safer Elopement ceremony, or a no-fuss quickie Sign-and-Go to make things legal ASAP.

MarriageToGo welcomes all couples. We support anti-racism and same-sex marriage. We specialize in interfaith, SBNR (spiritual but not religious), civil, and non-religious weddings. We embrace your story, values, and style at the moment of your marriage--whatever your requirements are, we listen and make getting married sweet and easy.

For the duration of the pandemic, we're providing officiation services for couples only in keeping with our Safer Elopements protocol. Within those parameters, I'm happy to create bespoke texts for a one-of-a-kind wedding, or perform our famous on-demand civil ceremony for your short-notice nuptials.

Want to know more? Contact us! Our rates can be found here.

However you choose to go about it, we wish you a wonderful wedding. :)