safer elopements

Safer elopements

"Safer Elopements" with MarriageToGo

The pandemic is still with us and though case numbers are going down, large gatherings still pose a risk--especially for the elderly or immunocompromised. At MarriageToGo, we continue to provide elopement officiation in keeping with recommended COVID protocols to protect your health and safety (ours too!)

Our "Safer Elopement" ceremony officiation includes civil or custom solemnization in private outdoor locations only, socially distanced, with no witnesses unless required by law. Masks are worn during document signing and other moments of proximity, but may be removed during the ceremony if safe distance can be maintained. Photographers must agree to distance throughout the proceedings (though we recommend forgoing photography until after the ceremony so you can fully focus on each other and your marriage moment).

Why are we continuing to mask and distance when others do not? It's simple. MarriageToGo was initially founded to help those who could not go to a Clerk's office for a marriage license--specifically, the medically fragile and those in hospice or hospital care. Though we expanded our mission over the years, there will always be a need for safer weddings. It may seem a little weird, but keeping you happy and healthy is our primary concern. We go the distance (see what we did there?) to make it so.

TBH, it's not that different from any other outdoor elopement, really. If you have concerns or want to talk it through, feel free to contact us, and you can check out our rates here. We're happy to help and want you to be comfortable with how it works.

If you require short-notice officiation services (within 72 hours), they are easy to arrange and prepare for. Often just a single phone call or email will suffice. However, they cost more and must be paid in full upon booking. Please take a look at our Short-Notice info and Rates pages for details.

We're happy to answer your questions about our services and safety procedures with no obligation. Please call 310.288.6658 or email us for a rate quote.

Hope to be of service to you soon!