vow renewal

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Vow Renewal

Marriage is an enduring journey, and it's a good and healthy thing to refresh ourselves along the way. Taking a moment to be present with our partner and renew our commitment not only helps to keep us honest, but reinforces and energizes our relationship.

Because they have no legal requirements, vow renewals can be as creative as you like. Some couples prefer a simple spur-of-the-moment renewal, others want something more elaborate.

Renewals can be private or include guests; you can restate your original marriage vows or write something entirely new.

The key element, as always, is connection--what type of renewal will be not only be delightful and meaningful, but also create a peaceful space where we can truly give voice to our hearts?

We're happy to help you figure it all out (and refer you to an event planner too, if needed.) Like love, the possibilities are endless. Please contact us to discuss your renewal vision, and hope to be of service to you soon.