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New Services, Same High Quality:

  • Safe Elopement Ceremonies
  • Sign-and-Go
  • Vow Renewals
  • Officiant and Couples Coaching

MarriageToGo has offered wedding services for over 25 years, and we're proud to be old-school in the best way! We're bringing our dedication to friendly, individualized assistance and high ethical standards to a new set of services for you and your community.

Unlike others, we never use AI for correspondence or generating ceremony texts. Be assured that every response and every ceremony is crafted by a real person in real time, with real life experience.

Though world is "moving on" from COVID and big weddings are back, the pandemic isn't quite over. Many people still need to avoid the health risks of a large gathering, yet wish be married in a meaningful and memorable way. For that reason, we offer our "Safe Elopement Officiation" service, which keeps both your health and happiness in mind as you tie the knot.

We also offer a quick and easy Sign-and-Go for those who have a marriage license already and just want to be legally married without the fuss of a ceremony. Come as you are, go forth hitched! It's that simple.

Vow renewals are not just for anniversaries anymore! They're a simple and powerful way to refresh your love and commitment anytime. We're happy to help you whenever and wherever you choose to rededicate yourself to your partner and relationship.

Maybe you've chosen a friend or family member to conduct your wedding ceremony? Though being married by someone who knows and loves you is the best thing ever, their lack of ceremony skills can detract from your Big Day. Never fear; we offer officiant coaching to help your friend-officiant deliver a wedding ceremony that shines! We cover presence, protocols, and effective speech techniques, and how to deal with first-time officiant nerves, too.

If you're a new officiant looking for professional guidance or mentorship, we have plenty of experience and know-how to share with you at affordable rates.

Elizabeth Oakes is a Gottman Institute certified marriage coach, and private pre- and post-wedding marriage coaching is available for eligible couples.

Finally, we welcome couples of all kinds and are longtime supporters of anti-racism and marriage equality. We support and honor your love and commitment, and will always hold safe space for you and your wedding day.

Our promise to you: to provide excellent personal service with your best interests at heart. Here are just some of our five-star reviews from happy clients to show how we keep our promises.

Want to know more? Check out our How It Works page and feel free to email or call for details and availability.

Your health and happiness are very important to us--that's why we do what we do! Hope to be of service to you soon and wishing you a wonderful wedding.

MarriageToGo: Sweet, Simple, Safe.

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