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We're currently offering "Safe Civil Marriage" Services

Marriage is about selflessness and teamwork, and so is surviving a crisis.

The pandemic isn't over, but at the end of the year many couples find they need quick and safe legal marriage services. We're offering you the help you need with strict observance of current health protocols.

We're offering one-stop civil marriages for those with health or tax concerns or immediate legal need to be married with our "Safe Elopement" service. Service includes confidential marriage licensing and a civil solemnization in full compliance with pandemic safety requirements--outdoors, distanced, masked, no guests or photographers. We make the extra effort so getting married can be simple and safe.

Our services have utilized by doctors, nurses, hospital personnel, military, the elderly, and cancer patients--those who know why continuing to adhere to infection-control practices is important, especially now that SoCal positivity numbers are going up again.

Other restrictions apply. Check out the legal requirements for confidential marriage and read about how it works here.

If you are interested in simple, no-contact, no-guest civil marriage, please email us for availability and details.

We promise to provide the same friendly, personal service we're known for. These are just some of our five-star reviews.

The ability to be legally married is even more important in times of great uncertainty, so we're grateful to the State of California and the L.A. County Registrar/Recorder-County Clerk for making marriages possible again. Pandemic marriage services are new territory, and at MarriageToGo we choose to make safety our highest priority for the duration.

Your health and happiness are very important to us--that's why we do what we do!

Feel free to email your questions and hope to be of service to you soon.

MarriageToGo: Sweet, Easy, and SAFE.

Check out these five-star reviews or email us to get started!