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March down the aisle this March with MarriageToGo!

Spring is here and Daylight Savings Time is returning, so why not elope in California before the summer rush? Get married on Pi Day, International Women's Day, or the Spring Equinox!

You bring the love and and your IDs, we'll bring the marriage license** and a sweet personal ceremony suited to your needs. Elopement weddings with MarriageToGo are as unique as you are, custom wedding celebrations that you'll always fondly remember.

Want to add some fun to getting married? We can help you plan an ambush wedding to surprise and delight your guests!

Check out these five-star reviews or email us to get started!

We can marry you simply and legally at your favorite spot anywhere in California! We specialize in elopements at any location, ambush weddings, and at-home intimate weddings with fewer than 20 guests. We can issue a confidential marriage license at your wedding **if you meet these requirements, or happily solemnize any California marriage license you purchase yourself. We can also notarize your California Domestic Partnership paperwork and start your new status off right with any sort of celebration you choose.

Choose your location: an intimate DIY wedding at home, a romantic inn, a gondola ride, an Airbnb with a stunning view, your favorite restaurant, a beach elopement at your favorite surfing spot--Santa Monica, Culver City, Marina del Rey, Venice Beach, Malibu, Playa Vista, Beverly Hills, DTLA, Long Beach, Palos Verdes, or any favorite snuggleplace in Southern California! Let us know your needs, and we'll help you plan an easy, pleasing wedding day. Ask us for referrals to our favorite photographers, florists, and caterers!

For weddings with 20 guests or more, please check out our event wedding service Golden Oak Weddings. We offer the same great confidential marriage licensing and officiation services plus custom, inclusive wedding ceremonies specially created to delight your guests.

For our LGBTQ friends, here's an Wedding Planning page about marriage equality and LGBT family rights.

Hope to be of service to you soon!